Every personal website has to have a 'Links' page, right? I've been wanting to finally put one up too.. but only now have finally gotten around to doing it. So, anyhow.. there they are... links to friend's websites, sites I just think are really cool, and other things. Um.. obviously, I'm not responsible for the content of any of these sites.. so don't come whining to me. :)

Friends' Websites

Steffi's Blog - Yeah, Stefanie got herself a blog.. *gg* Fun and interesting to read.. especially when she adopts baby birds that fell out of their nest. :)

Footprints - belongs to Johnny.. you can see some cool cartoons and drawings on this site.. he's really good! (oh.. but it's in German.. so.. sorry, all of you english-speaking people out there!)

Werner's Hp - belongs to Werner.. has some really funny videos on his page. You gotta check out "Fight the Handtuch"! (German again.. )

monkeyofhope - belongs to Monkey... fun blog, very interesting to read!

Ruth's Blog - belongs to Ruth... another cool blog.

Ana Marie Ort - belongs to Ana Marie. (hey, this one is in English! *gg*)

Morie Family - belongs to the Morie Family (english too). They're in South Korea right now.. pretty cool :)

Paul Stefan Ort - belongs to Paul Stefan

Jemimah Ministry - belongs to Salome-- very nice purity site.. check it out!

Cool Websites

Mozilla Firefox - The only browser I use.. Firefox rocks! (though Opera comes in handy every once in a while too)

Messenger Plus! Live - If you use Windows Live Messenger (or the older version.. MSN Messenger) Plus! is definitely a cool add-on. Try it out-- it rocks, and so do the different scripts available for it.

flickr - flickr is definitely a cool site.. you can upload pictures, comment on other people's pictures, and see how your photos measure up :)

YouTube - hehe.. YouTube is pretty cool... it's not hard to spend hours surfing around that site, looking at dumb videos. :)

CyberSaint - nice forum for Christian teenagers.. interesting discussions, and great people

TwoWayz - a website made by the teenagers of Kwa Sizabantu Mission.. very good articles, and a cool forum (great web design too! :)

Germany/USA Comparison - this comparison was very interesting to read... probably because I know both sides of the story, and I am caught somewhere in the middle myself. I personally think it's a bit biased toward Germany.. but then.. maybe that's just because I like the USA better. *gg*

Darwin Awards - "the Darwin Awards commemorate those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it." --really funny stuff.. I recommend the White Russians!

The World as a Village of 100 People- most people have probably read this comparison somewhere already.. but if you haven't- -definitely check it out! It's illustrated nicely on that website too. :)

Deutsches Historisches...- Ever wanted to see Berlin? The German Historical Museum in Berlin has a real-time webcam that you can look at on their website. Really interesting.. well, I thought so anyways. :)

Submit Link

if you know of a cool website, or have a website yourself-- please submit it below, and I will add it to my list! (of course I'll have to look at it myself, and make sure it's okay first.. but most likely I will link to it. :))


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